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Swiss-Dex Corporation is one of Europe’s most prominent heating and cooling solution provider. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices in the US and United Kingdom, Swiss-Dex is the leader in state-of the-art, environmentally friendly and energy efficient radiant heating and cooling technology.

Radiant ceilings are used in both residential and commercial buildings and are a more effective and environmentally friendly option to force blown heating and cooling systems.

The Swiss-Dex Radiant Advantages

  • 25% - 30% monthly savings as compared to traditional forced air systems

  • Reduces technical and maintenance surfaces by up to 40%

  • Requires far less maintenance than traditional forced air systems
    30 years of maintenance you save from 5% to 20% of the total cost of the building during its life cycle

  • Longer life span for the system

  • Small temperature variant from floor to ceiling eliminates drafts

  • Healthier system by avoiding “dirty” air that is prevalent in forced air systems

  • Green and Sustainable

Proven Success

The system is currently in place in some of Europe's biggest airports, hospitals, offices and schools, including the Geneva International Airport, Genolier Hospital of Switzerland, The Center of Art in Tessin, Switzerland and Alma Consulting in Paris, France.
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